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Industrivej 2
DK-4241 Vemmelev | Denmark
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Borgergade 44 | DK-4241 Vemmelev


HNC Group is a commercial- and engineering company established in 1979

HNC Group's business area is sale of components and complete solutions for automation and processing.

  • Pneumatik
  • Stainless steel cylinders
  • Aluminium profiles
  • Rotating units
  • Flexible connections
  • Instrumentation
  • Electric swithboard
  • Sanitary appliiances
  • Heating and sanitary

All components come from leading international manufactures, quality being the keyword.

HNC Group has a wide range of standard components in stock, ensuring day to day delivery.

  • We produce and supply among other things:
  • Pneumatic cylinders, standard size and custom tailored
  • Staniless steel pneumatic cylinders, in standard- and special sizes
  • Aluminium profiles, cut and processed and as complete solutions
  • Filling and calibretion of manometers
  • Complete steering swithtboard, custom tailored

Our customers are primary from the food- and pharma industry and industrial engine makers.