UNIC Stainless steel cylinders
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Standard Ø32 - Ø100 - DIN/ISO 15552 - (WITH TIE RODS)

Cylinder 2130 is a standard UNIC Stainless Cylinder® DIN/ISO 15552 (Ø32-Ø100) with tie rods, a permanent magnet and adjustable end stroke-cushioning. Cylinder 2130 is fitted with nitrile rubber (NBR) / polyurethane (PU) packings and aluminium piston.

Max pressure: 10 bar
Temperature: -20°C to +80°C
Standard stroke: 25-1000 mm.

Rustfrie cylindre

Adjustable cushioning
With the right kind of end cushioning, you can increase the efficiency of your entire pneumatic system. To adjust the braking effect with the adjustable screw, which is mounted on the cylinder.

Rustfrie cylindre

Standard DIN/ISO 15552
This cylinder is designed according to standard DIN/ISO 15552 and can replace other cylinders designed according to DIN/ISO 15552.

Rustfrie cylindre

Piston rod, mounting accessories, tube,
end caps and adapter: AISI 304 / (EN 1.4301)*
Piston: POM / Aluminium
Wiper: Nitrilgummi / Polyurentan
O-rings: Viton
*Available in AISI 316L (EN 1.4404

Rustfrie cylindre

Magnet for sensing
All cylinder are standard fitted with a magnet. By using a reed switch, it is possible to detect the piston position.

Rustfrie cylindre

Cylinder with extra-high chemical resistance
When ordering a cylinder with high resistance to chemicals, add the letter ’’C’’ to the end of the product number.

Rustfrie cylindre

Heat-resistant +150°
A heat-resistant UNIC Stainless Cylinder® can run in ambient temperatures up to +150°C. When ordering a heat-resistant cylinder, add the letter ’’H’’ to the end of the product number.

All cylinders are assembled by thread and are therefore serviceable.

Please note: All measurements are for 0,0 mm stroke.



Unic rustfrie cylindre

Type 2130
Double-acting standard cylinder DIN/ISO 15552 (Ø32 - Ø63 with tie rods)